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US Military History: Revolutionary War

This guide is for use with military history courses taught at University of Wyoming, specifically HIST 2020: US Military History.


The American Revolution began April 19, 1775 and ended September 3, 1783. The UW Libraries have many primary resources in digitized databases, as well as scholarly works in bibliographic databases, journals, and books. There are also many educational, government, and private websites with useful resources.

Reference Books & Bibliographies

Novels & Narrative Nonfiction

Useful Library of Congress Subject Headings

Broad Subject Headings in UW Library Catalog

Great Britain Army Colonial forces America
United States History Revolution, 1775-1783
United States Continental Army

For specific battles, try searching by keyword or subject (e.g., Bunker Hill Battle Of Boston Mass 1775)

Recommended Scholarly Books

The following titles are more focused on the roles of individuals and minorities, as well as the politics, cultural, and economics of the American Revolution. This information may be of use for the researcher.


Women of the Republic - Linda K Kerber

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution : Forgotten Black Heroes - William Cooper Nell

Forced Founders : Indians, Debtors, Slaves, and the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia - Woody Holton

Revolutionary Summer : The Birth of American Independence - Joseph J. Ellis

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution - Bernard Bailyn

Washington - A Life - Ron Chernow

John Adams - David McCullough

American Scripture - Making the Declaration of Independence - Pauline Maier

Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow

Washington's General : Nathanael Green and the Triumph of the American Revolution - Terry Golway

To Begin the World Anew : The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders - Bernard Bailyn

The Wives of the Signers - Mary W. Green

Women of the Republic : Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America

Founding Martyr : The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution's Lost Hero - Christian Di Spigna

Samuel Adams : Father of the American Revolution - Mark Puls

The Culper Ring : The Revolutionary Spies Who Helped Win the War - Brad Meltzer

The Radicalism of the American Revolution - Gordon S. Wood

Liberty's Exiles : American Loyalists in the Revolutionary War - Maya Jasanoff


Recommended Reading Lists

The following links are to websites or blogs with specific recommendations for novels, narrative nonfiction, and scholarly books about this war.

"50 Must-Read Revolutionary War Books" (

"The Best Books on the American Revolution (recommended by Historian T.H. Breen) (

"11 Revealing Revolutionary War Books" ( 

"Over 100 of the Best Books on the American Revolution" ( 

Bibliographic Databases & Journals


Government Documents