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US Military History: WW1

This guide is for use with military history courses taught at University of Wyoming, specifically HIST 2020: US Military History.


The United States' involvement in World War I began the ascension of the US as a world power.  The UW Libraries, American Heritage Center (AHC), other academic institutions, government websites, and other websites provide researchers with a vast array of material.

Reference Books & Bibliographies

Novels & Narrative Nonfiction

Recommended Scholarly Books

Recommended Reading Lists on WW1

The following links are to recommended books on the US Civil War.


Bibliographic Databases & Journals


Memoirs & Personal Journals

The American Heritage Center (AHC) at the University of Wyoming contains items related to WW1, including some personal memoirs. Contact the AHC at for more information.

The library catalog lists items held in the AHC. This link will display items identified using an advanced search using the keywords WW1 and World War 1.

The Library of Congress "Experiencing War - World War I Remembered" website provides information on diaries and memoirs of Americans who served in "The Great War."

The United States' late entry into WW1 somewhat limited the number of published memoirs when compared to soldiers of European nations. This link is to a few recommended memoirs at American Heritage magazine.

The following books are available through interlibrary loan:

John Lucy "There's a Devil in the Drum." Memoir of an Irish soldier.

Max Arthur : Forgotten Voices of the Great War : A History of World War I in the Words of the Men and Women Who Were There.

Government Documents