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African American & Diaspora Studies: Primary and Historical Documents

Primary and Historical Documents and African American and Diaspora Studies

This page provides links to both UW and outside resources pertaining to primary and historical documents related to African American and Diaspora Studies.

Primary Documents Collections

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Historical Documents Collections

"The 800 + titles in the collection include sermons on racial pride and political activism; annual reports of charitable, educational, and political organizations; and college catalogs and graduation orations from the Hampton Institute, Morgan College, and Wilberforce University. Also included are biographies, slave narratives, speeches by members of Congress, legal documents, poetry, playbills, dramas, and librettos. Other materials focus on segregation, voting rights, violence against African Americans, the colonization of Africa by freed slaves, anti-slavery organizations and investigative reports. Several of the items are illustrated with portraits of the authors." On the Library of Congress site. 

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