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Historical Newspapers: Home

This guide provides information for accessing historical newspaper that may be in print, microform, or digitized. The date range for historical newspapers is loosely defined as five years ago or longer.


The UW Libraries subscribe to a number of print editions of state, national, and international newspapers to provide information on current news events, as well as a resource for investigating on the reporting of historical events at the time the events occurred. Since newspapers are printed on cheap paper, they deteriorate rapidly and cannot be bound. For a long time, the only long-term storage option for newspapers was in microform, which required special equipment to read or to make copies. Waiting for the microfilm replacement for the print papers means the Libraries have to store issues and make them accessible. Over the last ten years, digital copies of newspapers have been acquired by the Libraries in single-title and multiple-title collections, and individual newspaper articles are now provided in a wide array of digital databases. And newspaper's traditional role is being challenged by other online news sources. This guide provides additional information on the newspaper resources of the Libraries, especially how to search for content.

         Image of front cover of London Times, August 5, 1914. Heading is At War          New York Times front page for sinking of RMS Titanic (1912).          The Wyoming Tribune front page 1916          The Cheyenne State Leader front page         The Sheridan Enterprise front page 1916       London Times Leader front page November 1918. Headline PEACE