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Wyoming Nursing Resources: Home

Provides links and videos for graduating nursing students who are interested in life long learning and accessing articles and information after graduation.

Introduction to Subject

This guide provides sources that graduating nurses can use after graduation. Most students, after learning to navigate databases available through UW Libraries' website, and easily acquiring articles through FindIT@UW and Request IT, realize that it will be more difficult to access information after graduation. Accessing information can be expensive, especially when articles are purchased directly through a publisher.

This guide will:

  • Provide links to freely accessible databases, including how to limit your searches to the articles available for free through those databases
  • Offer a source of purchasing articles through an interlibrary loan system used by health sciences professionals in the state
  • Link to a guide that shows links to credible APPS for quick bedside information
  • Describe how to set up alerts that will help identify current, freely available, articles and relevant news items
  • Also included will be links to organizational web sites that provide filtered evidence based summaries, and links to patient education materials.

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