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American Heritage Center

Emily Hill's and Dorothy Tappay's Shoshoni Ghost Dance Songs Audio Cassettes, Collection 10497

Sisters Emily Hill (born 1911) and Dorothy Tappay shared 130 Ghost Dance songs with ethnomusicologist Judith Vander. These songs had been sung on the Wind River Reservation by the Shoshoni people in the 1930s. The songs were used in Vander's book, "Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion: Poetry Songs and Great Basin Context", which was published by the University of Illinois Press in 1997. The collection consists of 5 audio-cassette tapes which are copies of originals collected by Judith Vander. The tapes contain the Shoshoni Ghost Dance songs of Emily Hill and Dorothy Tappay.

Thomas C. Kennedy Papers, Collection 400003

Thomas C. Kennedy was a professor at the University of Wyoming. His collection includes course materials that range in subject- with many of them touching on various religions of the world.