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Religious Studies : Judaism

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Marc M. Siegel Papers, Collection 08893

Marc M. Siegel was a radio and television writer and director during the twentieth century. From the mid 1940s to late 1970s, he was a writer for the religious themed radio show "The Eternal Light," which was produced by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He also directed the television documentary series "Heritage: Civilization and the Jews."

Abraham Ellstein and Sylvia Regan Papers, Collection 07927

Papers of a husband and wife who collaborated on composing and writing musicals and plays performed mostly in the Yiddish Theater District of New York City and Broadway.

Austin J. App Papers, Collection 08817

Austin Joseph App taught English language and literature, but after serving in the Army in World War II, he became increasingly involved in revolutionist history, anti-semitism, and anti-communism. 

Michael Braude Papers, Collection 02252
The Michael Braude papers include manuscripts of verse, drama, and prose. Also included are correspondence, periodicals, and published works related to his literary career. Most of the material is concerned with Jewish liberal themes, much of which is satirical or humorous in nature.

James G. Watt Papers, Collection 07667

James G. Watt was nominated to become the 43rd Secretary of the Interior of the U.S. In his collection, there is correspondence and other materials relating to the Jewish Communities of the U.S.

David Freedman Papers, Collection 11001

David Freedman was a prolific comedy and play writer during his career from 1915 to the late 1930's and his works included topics about Jewish Heritage, Prohibition, The Great Depression, and the League of Nations. Freedman's plays and novels were some of the very first Jewish comedies to have been written and published in the United States.

Herbert G. Luft Papers, Collection 09033

Herbert G. Luft was a journalist, film historian, and motion picture executive. He also worked for the "Jewish Telegraph Agency" for 25 years. His collection contains many articles relating to Jewish news and even covers the trial of Adolf Eichmann.

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