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Newspapers: Circulation Information

Newspapers currently subscribed to, that are retained in microform, and in digital formats.

Circulation Data

The quantity of newspapers that are distributed each day by a publisher is known as the circulation. This information is useful in many fields, but especially in marketing and advertising.

The SRDS Circulation database is the best source of circulation data for US and world newspapers. Information is also available on other media types such as magazines, radio, television, and cable. See the screenshot below for an image of the database's main page. This is a premium subscription database and only current UW students, faculty, and staff have access to it.

To determine the circulation of a specific newspaper, use the search box to search by title. Ensure that the "Newspapers" filter is chosen. The entry for that newspaper will contain the circulation information.

The database can also be used to obtain information about newspapers in regional areas, types of newspapers (dailies, weeklies, Sundays, etc.). Select the "Newspapers" button on the left-hand menu, then select the appropriate filters to display the desired data. Data may be exported into spreadsheets.

Screenshot of the main webpage of SRDS database