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Studio Coe and Creation Spaces

Studio Coe is a digital communication help desk and lab for students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Soundproof Audio Recording Room (Located in Studio Coe)

The Voice Box in Studio Coe

Drop-in  or reserve this audio recording space. The room capacity for this space is four.  Please call 307 766-7002 for more information and leave a message or email us at


Using our Soundproof Room

A tutorial that shows you how to get started with our soundproof room's hardware and software.

Created by Toby Thompson for Studio Coe

Removing Mic Bleed and Unwanted Silences from Audio

Podcasts made by UW Students

Black 14 Podcast created by Erendira Abbey Morales and Monica LeeAnn Olson (A podcast clip imitating the format of The Daily podcast by NY Times.)

Prexy's Pasture Podcast created by Erendira Abbey Morales, Monica LeeAnn Olson, and Jeff Victor  (An original podcast about Prexy’s Pasture on the UW campus.)

Ceate a Podcast Using Adobe Audition

Created by Jason Levine for Adobe CC.

Remove Background Noise With Audacity

Created by Emily Schaneman for Studio Coe