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This resource provides information about creating and managing an ORCID profile in order to better manage your scholarship and to increase the visibility of your work.


ORCID logo and slogan: "Connecting research and researchers."

ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher.

Do you have a common name? Have published some articles with your middle initial, some with your first initial, and others with your full name? Have you changed your name during your research career? ORCID solves these problems and distinguishes you as a researcher. Unlike other research IDs, your ORCID is universal. It is not tied to any institution and it can follow you wherever your research date you.

Publishers, funders, institutions, and other organizations are increasingly adopting or supporting ORCID. Some publishers and funders are now REQUIRING it for their services. The University of Wyoming has integrated ORCID with WyoVita to enable a seamless syncing of data between the two agencies. 

Your researcher fingerprint

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What is ORCID?

How to Add Works to Your ORCID Profile

To add your scholarship to your profile, you can either enter the information manually or, you can use the "Search and Link Wizard" to find you publications and import them. Importing your work is the preferred method as it verifies that the work comes from a reputable source. 

You can also grant permission to trusted organizations which allows for organizations publishers, research databases, and funding agencies to auto-populate your ORCID profile as your work is published. You have complete control over these permissions and you may change permissions at any time. Here's a link for more information about trusted organizations: 

Here is a link to a video that also explains how to grant access to trusted organizations in order to auto-populate your ORCID profile: 

Distinguish yourself in 3 steps

Step 1: Register

Register your ORCID at! Registration takes 30 seconds. 

Step 2: Add your information

Fill out your ORCID record! Add your professional information, education history, link to other identifiers, and include all your scholarship -- published articles, book chapters, conference posters.

Step 3: Use your ORCID ID

Include your ORCID ID on your website, when you submit publications, and when you apply for grants. Also look into linking your other researcher IDs; more information in this guide.



With the new national security mandate, government-funded researchers and publications are required to have a standardized EID in order to properly attribute copyright and prevent plagiarism both internally and externally from the United States.

At this time, ORCiD is the only EID that meets the NSPM-33 guidelines as proposed.

More Information: