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University of Wyoming - Libraries

Study Spaces: Home

Overview of types of study space available in the various UW Libraries, including general areas and special-purpose spaces, such as study rooms and computer labs.


Coe Level 4 Central: Quiet study sign


Coe level 2 east:  study area


Geology first floor: study area


Coe level 2 east: computer lab



The UW Libraries provide a variety of study arrangements for quiet and group study.  This guide describes what is available in Coe Library, Geology Library, and the Learning Resource Center.

  • Quiet Study:  designated areas that provide limited distractions and are equipped with furniture for one or two persons.
  • Group Study:  designated areas of tables and lounge furniture that allow groups to work on projects or study together.  Such areas tend to produce a "scholarly buzz."
  • Computers:  accessible through labs, check-out laptops, some study rooms, or using your own laptop with the University's wireless.
  • Study Rooms:  are for individual and group use. Reserving rooms can be done through Reserve-a-Room or in-person at the appropriate Circulation Desk.
  • Coffee Shop:  allow informal study with refreshments.

Coe Library Study Space

William Robertson Coe Library, UW's largest library, has approximately 1,500 study spaces and the widest range of study options.  [Hours]

Quiet Study:  Open areas on levels 3 and 4 of the bookstacks are dedicated to quiet study.  There is seating for 300+ at tables, carrels, and lounge chairs. 

Group Study:  Open areas on levels 1, 2 (including the McMurry Reading Room), and 5, plus the east end of level 3 are available for group study.  There is space for up to 720+ at tables and lounge areas in these areas. 

There are 4 collaborative pods on levels 1 and 2, each with space for up to for five users. 

Computers:  There are 138 computers in labs managed by UW IT on levels 1, 2, and 3.  Some are set up for individual use and some are set up for both individual and small group use.  Coe Circulation lends laptops for in-library use and iPads for out-of-library use.  Wireless service is accessible throughout the building.

Study Rooms:  21 study rooms (located located throughout the building) are available for individual and group study.  They  are equipped with tables and whiteboards; most of the rooms have computers and wall-mounted monitors.  For particulars on study room capacity or equipment see the Reserve-a-Room or inquire at the Help Desk.

Coffee Shop:  The Book & Bean, located near the Coe entrance on level 2, has 25 seats primarily for coffee shop's clientele but they can pursue collaborative work at the same time.  Additional food services are available in the nearby Wyoming Union.

Other:  Level 1 has individual viewing/listening carrels.  Coe Library also contains the Chisum Special Collections Reading Room, whose tables are dedicated to use of the collections and not for general study.

Coe level 4 west: quiet stud

Geology Library Study Space

The Brinkerhoff Geology Library, located in the Geology Building, has limited study space and a small number of student computers.  [Hours]

Quiet Study:  None of the areas in the Library are designated for quiet study, although the lower level is typically quiet.

Group Study:  There is no designated group study area in the Library, although there is an area in the basement that has a table with an adjacent whiteboard that may accommodate up to six at a time.

Computers:  The Library has six student computers located on both first floor and basement.  There is also a student scanner available nearby.  Wireless service is accessible throughout the facility.

Study Rooms:  There are no study rooms in the Geology Library.

Coffee Shop:  There are no food purveyors in the Geology Library.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) Study Space

The Learning Resource Center (or LRC), located in Education Building 222, has study space space for 40 people at tables and lounge areas as well as an Electronic Classroom.  [Hours]

Quiet Study:  None of the areas in the LRC are designated for quiet study.

Group Study:  The LRC provides one meeting room for group study that has a maximum capacity of 12 people. This meeting space must be reserved in advance when the Lab School is in operation mid-August through mid-June, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  You can make reservations by contacting the LRC.

Computers:  The LRC has a computer lab with a 18 computer capacity.  This lab must be reserved in advance when the Lab School is in operation mid-August through mid-June, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  You can make reservations by contacting the LRC.  Wireless service is available throughout the LRC.

Study Rooms:  There are no study rooms in the LRC.

Coffee Shop:  Food and drinks are not permitted in the LRC.  Please be aware we are also a nut-free zone.