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Studio Coe and Creation Spaces

Studio Coe is a digital communication help desk and lab for students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Digitizing a VHS Tape and Fee Collection

Digitizing VHS Fee Policy

Students, faculty, staff, and community members can use the digitizing equipment and software (Elgato for VHS Tapes or VLC Player for DVDs) in Studio Coe to convert VHS tapes or DVDs into a digital file. There is no charge if the patron does the conversion with the assistance of staff.  However, if a patron requests library staff to do the entire process for them, there is a $30.00 per hour or $18.00 per half-hour charge for the service.

The fees are determined by the runtime of the material. (Ex. A 2-hour video would cost $60.00.)

Please note: There are exceptions to this fee policy due to COVID-19 and remote instruction.  Please contact Susan Schulz ( for more information.

Collecting Fees

Staff will provide the patron with a sales receipt with the total charges, and accompany the patron to the Help Desk to pay for the service.  These charges are non-taxable.

Acceptable forms of payments for digitizing VHS tapes

  • The patron can make the check payable to "University of Wyoming Libraries” or pay cash. The UW Libraries only accept cash or check (no credit or debit cards and no WyoOne cards.)
  • Library Administration will bill departments. Departments can make a payment by sending an IDR to Laurie Mendick ( in Library Administration.



The University of Wyoming prohibits the violation of copyright law.  Patrons may digitize personal videos such as home movies.  However, patrons and staff are not permitted to digitize materials that could violate copyright law (for example, a Disney movie) without proof of authorization to reproduce. Owning a VHS Tape does not confer the right to convert the material to a digital format.

Some VHS media may already be available through the UW Libraries in the DVD collection or streaming services.  Also, the libraries may be able to secure copyright authorization for programs used for educational purposes.  Please contact Denis Shannon ( in the Resource Discovery and Management Division for assistance.