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ENGL 1010: College Composition & Rhetoric: Find Background Information

Research guide for all English 1010 sections at University of Wyoming (including Bridge)

Background Information for Topic Selection & Research

Encyclopedias and dictionaries available through the UW Libraries are excellent sources of background information to use when deciding on a research project. There is no lack of material for background research. If you have trouble finding something, just ask a librarian for help!

Please note that many databases will prompt you to enter your username and password for access.

Off-Campus Access

While off-campus, you may experience some issues accessing UW Libraries' resources. Here are some tips:

  • Look for a login prompt, such as entering your UW login information 
    • Do this before setting up an account with the provider
  • In some cases, you may find the option to login through your institution, which is another way you can access the resources
  • You can also take note of the resource and search for it on the main library website under the databases icon near the middle of the page
  • If all else fails, please contact the library at

Best Bets- Background Resource Databases

Still stuck? Use these