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ENGL 1010: College Composition & Rhetoric: Visual Analysis

Research guide for all English 1010 sections at University of Wyoming (including Bridge)

Visual Analysis Assignment

The Visual Analysis assignment requires you to locate a still, visual text for analysis during your time in the course. Examples of this may include a public service announcement (PSA), advertisement, album cover, or other type of visual text your instructor decides on. 

Your essay will look into how the visual text persuades its audience through a thesis-based argument. A focus on the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos---as well as their roles in shaping the need for the visual text within a specific cultural and historical context---will be expected of you in this assignment.

This page will aid you in the process of discovering the art of rhetorical reading and observation through finding useful resources and accessing available services through UW Libraries which is always open and ready to assist you in any way. Feel free to stop by, make an appointment, or contact us through email or chat!


"Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought."               

                                                                                                                                                                          Albert Szent-Györgyi 

Using Google's Advanced Image Search - Tutorial

Google Search Options

How to Cite Images - APA & MLA

Depending on your instructor, you will be asked to cite your resources in either APA or MLA format.


Since you'll most likely be accessing your image through either a website or database, the below examples are made to portray that. The links at the end will give you more information on citing different resource types.


MLA (9th Edition):

  • In-text citation: "..." (Creator's last name or Corporation, "Title of image").
  • Works cited page: Creator's last name, First name. "Title of image". Site name, URL. Date accessed on Day Month Year.
    • Pacific Outdoor. "Fight Back...Drive 55! A Billboard Editorial." Duke Digital Collections, https://repository.d BBB5007. Accessed 31 August 2023.

MLA Citation Guide through OWL Purdue


APA (7th Edition):

  • In-text citation: "..." (Creator's last name or Corporation, Year) 
  • Reference page: Creator's last name, Initials. (Year). Title of image. Website name. URL
    • Pacific Outdoor. (n.d.). Fight Back...Drive 55!. Duke Digital Collections. https://repository. BBB5007

APA Citation Guide through OWL Purdue

Popular Image Database Collections - Multidisciplinary

Subject-Specific Databases

The following databases provide visual resources of  interesting topic for your assignment. Feel free to play around and search their collections!

Popular Databases for Finding Secondary Sources

Resources Outside of UW Libraries

The below resources can be found outside of UW Libraries. They offer verified collections of visual text that can be used for your VA assignment.