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How to Find Streaming Media and Audio: Public Performance Rights

Public Performance Rights

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film. PPR are needed for student clubs, film series, general lectures, and common dorm areas.

PPR are not needed to: show a film in class as part of face-to-face teaching as part of regular curricula, to view a DVD at home, view a DVD in a dorm room, or view a DVD for in-person instruction.

Professors and instructors seeking more information about showing media as part of a course, refer to Chapter 1, Section 110, of Title 17 United States Code (USC) (see page 24 of the following link)

Most of the Libraries' educational titles are purchased to include PPR and may be shown as long as no admission is charged. With a few exceptions, TV series and feature films are not purchased with PPR.

To obtain PPR for any title, check the library catalog to make sure you need the rights. You will see "Restrictions" in the record. If the record says "Educational and Home Use Only" you will need PPR to show the film. If a film was not purchased with PPR you can attempt to obtain PPR for a one-time showing. Most feature films are handled by, and you can contact them for pricing.

If Swank does not handle the PPR for the film you are showing, here are some additional distributors to contact: