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COJO 3310: Public Relations: Company Information

This guide offers sources useful for students in Cindy Price Schultz's Public Relations class.

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Company and Industry Information about Southwest Airlines (and its competitors)

You can learn about a company's history, background, and financials from the sources listed here.


Southwest's official name is Southwest Airlines Co.

Southwest Airlines is publicly traded on the NYSE and its ticker symbol is LUV.

Southwest's SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) industry code is:

45129902:  Air Passenger Carrier, Scheduled 

Southwest's NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) industry code is:

481111:  Scheduled Air Transportation 

Evaluating your sources


  • Copyright date/last update date
  • Up-to-date terminology and facts


  • Qualifications or credentials of the author, editor, contributors
  • Is the material primary or secondary?
  • Publisher’s quality/purpose? (Do they publish reputable material?) 
  • What kind of information is the source intended to convey?
  • What topics are covered? For what period of time?
  • How detailed is the source? 
  • How complete is it?  Are there any noticeable omissions? 


  • What is the source’s purpose? (What is the author trying to accomplish through the work?)
  • Does the content seem credible? (Well-written, well organized, logically presented)
  • To what extent does the argument rely on evidence and to what extent does it rely on opinion?
  • Is the evidence verifiable? (Sources clearly attributed at the end or in the text of the article)
  • Is the information presented in an objective manner? (All sides of an issue presented)
  • How does source fit in with other sources in the field? (Does it reference other reputable/authoritative sources? Does it build upon the contributions of others/current knowledge? Is it compatible with known information or explain why it is not compatible?)

General assessment strategies:

Print Resources

Web Pages


Scan table of contents

Scan menus

Review help section

Scan title page

Scan main page

Read about/scope information

Scan index(es) at the back of the book

Scan site map

Review the list of publications/sources included

Read preface

Read introduction

Determine the vendor/source

Scan references/bibliography

Scan references/bibliography


Read author’s bio

Read author’s bio


Developed by Sara Lowe and Karen Wallace; informed by Libraries Linking Idaho course on evaluating reference sources (

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