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POLS 1000: American & Wyoming Government: Library Resources

Finding sources

These resources will help you find information on your term and work on formatting your definition and usage.

You may need to use resources you find in each of these boxes to craft a well-rounded and researched definition.

Britannica Academic

Use this link to access Britannica Academic as you complete the IF I APPLY tutorial. We've linked to Britannica Academic where you can type in the keyword "homestead" to find background information on the topic.

Reference Sources

Reference sources:
  • Written by academic experts who provide background information and/or basic information on a topic
  • These are often called "tertiary sources" as they combine information from primary sources and secondary sources to present a short introduction to a topic or provide basic fact

Scholarly Sources

Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles:
  • Written by academic experts in a specific field and their work is reviewed by other experts before its published
  • Usually contain an abstract, introduction, methodology (how the research was conducted), conclusion, and references used by the authors


News and opinion articles:
  • The UW Libraries subscribe to a number of print editions of state, national, and international newspapers in order to provide information on current news events, as well as a resource for investigating on the reporting of historical events at the time the events occurred.
  • News and opinion articles can help you contextualize the term you are defining

Government Resources

Government resources:
  • The Wyoming government resources are directly from the governmental websites
  • The Federal government resources are there to help you explore the branches of the US government and some of their people, policies, and laws