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Honors Capstone: Submitting Your Capstone

How to submit your Honors Capstone Project to WyoScholar

WyoScholar Honors Capstone Submission Instructions

Step 1 - Log In to WyoScholar

Screenshot of WyoScholar homepage with log in button circledVisit the repository at and click “Log in”. This link will redirect you to UW’s standard log in page, allowing you to use your UW account.

You will not be required to set up a new account for this system.

BROWSER COMPATABILITY NOTE: WyoScholar is currently experiencing issues when logging in via Firefox.

Please use Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or another browser of your choice when logging into the system.

For Mac users, Safari may not work on some screen sizes. If Safari doesn't work, please try a different browser.


Step 2 - Access the Submission Form

Screenshot of "+ Create a new item" button on WyoScholarOnce logged in, you will have an option to create a new item by clicking on “+ Create a new item” at the middle-left of the page. This will take you to the submission form.


Step 3 - Fill in the Submission Form

Partial screenshot of the WyoScholar Submission form

At minimum, you will need to include:

  • Your File(s) (preferred formats are pdf/jpg/mp3/mp4  please follow file naming conventions discussed below)
  • Title (title of your project)
  • Authors (yourself and other people who authored the project, not including advisors)
  • Categories (fields of study, choose as many as fit your project/department  this list is searchable)
  • Group (select Honors Capstone Projects  you can search or scroll through the list to find this group)
  • Item Type (student work is typically a Thesis or Media)
  • Keyword(s) (5-10 keywords related to your project)
  • Description (Not Pictured  For papers, this will be your abstract. For other projects, include a brief description/summary of your material)
  • License (Not Pictured – Select the license you want to apply to your submission. Learn more about licenses in the copyright tab.)
  • Department (Not Pictured, located at bottom of form – Select the departments that most closely represent your field/departmental affiliation at UW.)

If applicable, students are also asked to fill out the following optional fields:

  • Advisor (format as Lastname, Firstname)
  • Committee Members (format as Lastname, Firstname and do not include titles  if more than one member, format as Lastname1, Firstname1; Lastname2, Firstname2)
  • Degree (select the appropriate degree level from the dropdown menu)
  • Graduation Date (click the calendar icon and select your date of graduation)

Embargo Information

At the end of the submission form, you will find an option to embargo your material. Embargos are an optional designation that you can apply to your material in order to prevent public access to your files for a specified period of time. To embargo your material, select “Apply Embargo” at the bottom of the form and select the period of time you want your material to remain private.

  • Permanently embargoed material will not be accepted
  • The "Embargo Type" should be set to "On files only"

Completing Your Submission

If you plan to return to this form later, click “Save Changes.” Otherwise, check the “Publish” box before clicking “Save Changes.”

Once you've submitted your capstone, your material will be approved and published in the repository within 5-7 business days.

Step 4 - Confirming Submission for the Honors College

Partial screenshot of WyoScholar submission form showing the option to generate a private link

Your submission will not be publicly viewable until it has been approved. In order to ensure that the Honors College has a record of your submission before it is published, please email them at with a preview link.

This link can be created by clicking "Generate preview link" at the bottom of your submission form. Please note that this link will only allow access to the record until it has been published. This link does not include the WyoScholar branding or the author's name. The link can be disabled at any time by clicking the "X" on the right side of the box.

If you have questions or need further assistance, contact us at

Video - Submitting your Honors Capstone

File Naming Conventions

File naming conventions are a system of file naming that allows for easy identification/organization of files. In WyoScholar, file names are visible to users, so it is important that they follow file naming conventions.

WyoScholar file names include a prefix that identifies where the material lives, a four letter course code that identifies the department it's most associated with (this can be found in the Department field when you submit your paper), the year, the name of the author, and the type of material being submitted (which allows for multiple files to be submitted as part of the same record.

Put together, a sample file name may look like:


For multiple files, it might look like:


For WyoScholar, please use the below template, replacing anything in brackets [] with the appropriate information: