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Graduate Students' Guide to the Library: Finding Dissertations & Theses

Graduate students have specialized research needs. This guide provides tips and tricks for getting started, but we also recommend that you get to know your subject librarian for in-depth questions and support.

Explore Theses & Dissertations

Examining the theses and dissertations written by other graduate students can provide examples and help you plan your own research projects.

Note that theses and dissertations are written to meet degree requirements and are not typically peer-reviewed scholarly works. Research documented in theses and dissertations is often published separately in monographs or journal articles, most often following revision. It is best to cite a formally published version of the research, if available. Try searching in article databases and/or the library catalog by author name and title keywords to locate scholarly versions for citing in your own works. 

Find a Dissertation or Thesis Online

Find EdD or Plan B papers