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Film Studies: Want to screen a film?

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Performance Rights (PPR)

Q: Can I show a film in my class without PPR? 

A: Yes. In face-to-face classes, you can show media regardless of whether it's purchased, rented, or checked out from a library. There are different rules for online and other distance classes, and librarians and ECTL staff can help navigate those. Contact us for more information. 

Q: Do UW Libraries purchase films with PPR? 

A: Not usually. The use licenses for both our streaming and physical media collections vary widely, but generally limit use to personal or educational purposes. 

Q: When do I need PPR? 

A: For any event that's advertised and/or open to the public, you need to secure PPR. 

Coe Library Media Screening Room

Coe 123 Media Screening Room

Capacity: 30 

Technology: fixed screen, HD projector, DVD/BluRay player, surround sound, VGA and HDMI inputs, Crestron touch-screen controls, 4-scheme lighting system. Note: those wishing to stream media must bring their own laptop or tablet and necessary adapters if not VGA or HDMI-compatible. 

To reserve, contact Research & Instruction Services at or 766-2070 

No fees or admission, including donations, may be collected for screenings in the Media Screening Room, nor can free screenings be given in conjunction with an event that charges admission. Screenings as part of a class are covered under Fair Use, but other public screenings require purchase of a public performance license in order to remain in compliance with federal copyright laws, specifically Federal Copyright Act, Title 17, Chapter 1, Sections 101 and 110. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to obtain performance rights to copyright-protected media when required by law. 

How to get Public Performance Rights

If you want to show a copyright-protected film to the public, you will need to contact one of the following licensing services companies and pay for public performance rights.