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CNSL 2200: Introduction to Student Leadership: Library Databases

Searching Databases

UW Libraries offers hundreds of article databases.  Use disciplinary databases to narrow your search to specific subjects.  Use multidisciplinary databases to find information that crosses fields of study.  Browse for databases by title or subject on the UW Libraries' Databases A to Z page.

Click the "Databases A-Z" tab on the UW Libraries home page, or use the link below to go there directly.

Getting Full Text

When you search any of the library's databases or use the QuickSearch box you may have to go through a few steps to find the full-text of the articles you need. If you don't see a direct link to the full text of the article, go through the following steps:


  • Click the "Find@UW" button  Find@UW icon
  • If a full-text copy is available, a link to the article appears
  • If no online copy is available, you may order the article by clicking the Interlibrary Loan button  

Databases of Biographical Information

Try searching in the databases listed below for biographical and leadership information.  For article databases, try using search terms or phrases such as: biograph* OR "oral history" OR interview* OR leader* OR hero*.  When searching  for a specific name, try ordering by "last name, first name" and enclosing within double quotation marks (for  phrase searching).

Searching Multidisciplinary Databases

The following are three general databases. Academic Search Premiere and ProQuest Central are useful for any academic subject. Web of Science is useful for academic subject areas in and outside of the sciences. These databases are a good place to start to locate general information. If you have a clearly defined research topic, then try using one of the more specific databases.

Ask a Librarian

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