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CNSL 2200: Introduction to Student Leadership: Books & References

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Search the library catalog for entire works, such as books or e-books.  Biographies of famous persons and leaders are often published as books (in print or electronic formats).  Searching a person's name as a keyword (i.e., in all fields in the catalog record) will locate works for which the person is an author in addition to works about that individual.  To exclude works authored by the person of interest, try a search by subject, with the person's name being the subject desired.  Order by "last name, first name."  Also try an advanced search using search terms or phrases such as: biograph* OR "oral history" OR interview* OR leader* OR hero* in your search string.  Any of these terms can be combined (using the AND operator) with a discipline of interest (such as business or medicine) to identify prominent people in a profession.

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UW Libraries QuickSearch: includes the collections of the University Libraries, UW Law Library, and the American Heritage Center. Searches almost everything.

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Interlibrary Loan: UW students, faculty and staff can request books, journal volumes, journal articles and other materials, regardless of whether it is available in the UW Libraries, online or in libraries around the world. A free service! Interlibrary Loan link.


Reference works such as encyclopedias often provide background information about famous people, and can be a good place to start when deciding who to research and write about.  Browse entries for particular subjects or topics to locate names of leaders in those areas.  

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