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Citing Government Documents: American Psychological Association

According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 6th ed. (2010). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Revised January 2010 Contents

Government Document Periodical Articles



»»NOTE: The APA Manual does not give specific rules for citing government document periodical
articles. These examples follow the general periodical guidelines. (p. 185) See "Electronic andOnline Resources" section for articles found online.

     Use italics and upper and lower case letters for the periodical title.

     Capitalize the first word of the title and subtitle. Do not italicize or put the title of the article in quotation marks.

     Give the volume number; do not use "Vol." before it.

     If each issue begins with page one, give the issue number in parentheses, after the volume number.  Don't use the issue number if pages start at the beginning of the volume and continue into the next issue (pagination by volume).

     Use italics for the periodical title and volume number. Do not italicize the issue number. (p. 186)

Article with one author, pagination by issue

Mattioli, G. (2004). On native language intrusions and making do with words: Linguistically homogenous

classrooms and native language use. English Teaching Forum, 42 (4), 20-25.

»»EXPLANATION: Volume 42, issue number four, pages 20 - 25; include the issue number.


Article with several authors, pagination by volume

Li, M. H., Manning, B. B., & Robinson, E. H. (2004). Effects of dietary protein concentration on production

characteristics of pond-raised channel catfish fed once daily or once every other day to satiation. North

American Journal of Aquaculture, 66, 184-190.

»»EXPLANATION: Volume 66; do not include the issue number for journals with page numbers that start
at the beginning of the volume and continue from issue to issue.


Article with no author
Regulatory initiatives for dietary supplements. (2005). FDA Consumer, 39 (1), 27.

»»In-text citation: Use a shortened title (full title if it is short) in quotation marks and date.  The example on page 200 of the Manual uses capital letters for words in the title:

("Regulatory Initiatives," 2005)