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University of Wyoming Libraries Research Launchpad

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One Button Studio - One Button -- Many Possibilities

Coe Library Room 206. Open by reservation during regular library hours.

Studio Demos


Studio Kiosk     Camera                                                      

  • The kiosk contains both a Mac and PC
  • Open kiosk doors to access and power on computers
  • If practicing with media (PowerPoint or other presentation, plug in USB drive containing your presentation to the PC

  • Gently adjust angle and direction of the camera if needed
  • Includes a remote with Start/Stop and Zoom buttons
USB Hub One Button                                                   

  • Insert a separate USB drive into the hub to save your recorded video
  • Ensure it has plenty of available space
  • Once the drive is recognized, the studio lights are activated

  • Press the button to start/stop recording
Green/Blue Screen Control                        Green/Blue Screen                       

  • The screen remains gray unless green/blue screen controller is activated
  • Use the toggle button to switch between green and blue screen
  • Return to the center position to turn off green/blue screen
  • Use the gray screen if no visual effects will be added to the video or for reviewing media broadcast from the projector
  • Use the green/blue screen if backgrounds and visual effects will be added in post-production                   

  • Choose the color that does not match items in the foreground; for example, if using a green shirt or prop, select the blue screen
  • Consider if daytime or nighttime backgrounds will be added in post-production; daytime scenes work best on green, nighttime scenes on blue
Projector                 Monitor and Sound Bar

  • The projector is connected to the PC
  • Use the projector to broadcast media on the gray screen (if practicing with a PowerPoint or other presentation)

  • Use the large monitor to observe presentations in real time or to review your recorded video
  • Turn on the speakers to enable sound when reviewing recorded video
  • Canon:        camera
  • EPSON:       projector
  • Vizio:           flat screen monitor
  • Samsung:   sound bar and speakers
  • Logitech:    advancing slides on the PC/laser pointer