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SS Wyoming: Story of the Model Ship

Story of the Model Ship

Francois Dickman built this model of the schooner Wyoming while authoring “America’s Largest Wooden Vessel: The Six-Masted Schooner Wyoming” for the Spring/Summer 1994 issue of Annals of Wyoming. [13] At the time, he was an Adjunct Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Wyoming and President of the Albany County Historical Society. In early 1993, he began corresponding with the Maine Maritime Museum, which now owns the Percy & Small shipyard where Wyoming was constructed. In his research he contacted numerous nautical museums, historical agencies, archives, and libraries across New England to obtain photographs and blueprints, historical newspaper and journal articles, and the construction survey detailing Wyoming’s assembling and material make-up. Francois completed his meticulously detailed scale-model in the spring of 1994. Shortly after, he presented his research and model Wyoming at the University of Wyoming. 

In 2021, the ship and several materials (including the images of Francious Dickman below) were generously donated to the University of Wyoming by the family of Francois and Margaret Dickman. The model ship is on permanent display in the W.R. Coe Library.

Francois Dickman building model ship.         Francois Dickman.