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Data Repositories: WyoScholar

WyoScholar, the Institutional Repository

The University of Wyoming maintains WyoScholar, an open-access institutional repository. WyoScholar holds a variety of material, including research data. The goal of the University of Wyoming’s data collections within WyoScholar is to encourage the dissemination of research data by making these materials open access. The collection houses data created by University of Wyoming students, faculty, staff and University of Wyoming affiliates in the course of their research. You can visit the WyoScholar data collection here and find more specific information in our Data Repository Policy.

Who can submit data?

Research data connected to the University of Wyoming can be deposited in the repository. This means that data is authored by at least one current or former University of Wyoming researcher, research students or staff members; the research data is a result of research conducted at the University of Wyoming; the data appears in a journal published, or a conference hosted, by the University; or the data resulted from research undertaken using University facilities.

What data is allowed?

In general, WyoScholar can handle any data type or size. You may deposit any kind of research output into WyoScholar except for: 

  • Data that contains sensitive, restricted, or confidential information
  • Dynamic data (continuously updated data)
  • Data currently being used in the course of research
  • Record-only deposits

How to deposit in WyoScholar

The Libraries offers researchers on campus access to WyoScholar as a platform for providing and preserving access to Wyoming researchers' data online. The Libraries can help you deposit your data into WyoScholar. All deposits receive a unique, permanent identifier in the form of a DOI. Researchers can also track metrics for their data, get DOIs for publishers before the data is made public, and even place embargos on their data.

To Deposit

In order to ensure complete records, all deposits must be reviewed before they are accepted to the repository. Certain information is required in order to complete the record. All of this information should be provided in the ReadMe file which accompanies your deposit. A ReadMe file provides information about a data file and is intended to help ensure that the data can be correctly interpreted, by yourself at a later date or by others when sharing or publishing data. There is a ReadMe template available on this page. For more information about ReadMe’s, check out this workshop from the Digital Scholarship Center or this page on Metadata and ReadMes.

Other information required includes:
Authors: Provide author details, such as name, contact information, and ORCID number.
Title: Provide a title for the dataset.
Discipline: Provide a discipline for the data. Multiple disciplines can be selected.
Keywords: Keywords will make your data more discoverable.
Description: This can be an abstract or some other description of the data. Add as much context as possible so that others can interpret your research. 
License: There is a list of standard license information for this repository system. The institution also has access to the slightly more restrictive licenses available. You can get more general information from our Data License page

Once you have compiled the necessary information, email the data files you want to deposit, along with any documentation you would want to accompany the files (such as a codebook, for example) and a ReadMe file to the Michaela Clark. If your data is too large to be sent via a zip file over email, contact the Michaela Clark to make alternate arrangements. 


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