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Research Data, Data Management & Planning: Training and Tools

Resources related to Research Data Management & Planning and Finding Research Datasets

More Resources

 A variety of publications and training materials are available on topics of Research Data Management and related issues concerning academic research. Here are a few suggestions. There are also a variety of tools to help with various stages of the research data lifecycle.

Training Modules & Education Materials

If you're looking for a general introduction on best practices for research data management, check out some of these training modules. Librarians can also provide local, customized training. You can view a list of upcoming trainings from the Digital Scholarship Center.

General Resources on Research Data Management

Additional information about Research Data Management can be found on websites and library guides of other universities.  [Note that services mentioned and subscription-based resource links will not be accessible by UW users.  However, subscription materials mentioned might be available via the UW Libraries website.  Please ask a UW Librarian if you need help locating a desired resource.]

Data Management Tools

There are a variety of free tools and softwares available out there for anyone to use as a part of a research project. This is not an exhaustive list, but a starting point to help you explore what's available.

Data Visualization Programs

Recommended Reading

Book available in print from Coe Library: