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Classrooms & Learning Spaces at Coe Library: Media Screening Room 123

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Media Screening Room (Coe 123) Policy

The purpose of the Coe Library Media Screening room is for the viewing of film, television, and other multimedia content to facilitate student learning at the University of Wyoming. The space is not a university classroom and is not available for semester length classes.


The Media Screening Room must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance by filling out the reservation request form. The room capacity is 30; larger groups should seek a different venue.


Media Screening Room (Coe 123) Reservation Form


Priority for use of the facility is given to course or curriculum-related media screening. Additionally, the Libraries will make use of the space to meet internal needs for space.

If scheduling conflicts arise, the following list will determine who gets priority and who may have to reschedule or wait for availability.

1. Faculty screening media as a course activity or assignment.

2. Libraries use

3. Student group screening media as a course activity or assignment.

4. Faculty, staff, or student screening media outside of course activities.

Public Performance Rights

No fees or admission, including donations, may be collected for screenings in the Media Screening Room, nor can free screenings be given in conjunction with an event that charges admission. Screenings as part of a class are covered under Fair Use, but other public screenings require purchase of a public performance license in order to remain in compliance with federal copyright laws, specifically Federal Copyright Act, Title 17, Chapter 1, Sections 101 and 110. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to obtain performance rights to copyright-protected media when required by law. For questions about whether you need permission or performance rights, see the UW Libraries Film guide.


Groups using library space may rearrange furniture, but must return area to its original arrangement. Library personnel are not available to move furniture. It is highly recommended that the individual responsible for use of the room acquaint themselves with the technology prior to the screening. Library personnel are not available to provide on-demand technology support.


Individuals may bring their food and drink in to the room. Groups planning to serve refreshments during room use must clean up after themselves. This includes wiping down table and desk tops. Wipes are located near the computer desk. There is a trash can outside the room, which may be moved inside the room during the event. Deposit all trash in the can and place the trash can outside of the room to prevent odors in the room and to allow custodians to empty the rubbish. In the event of damage or cleaning costs beyond normal UW janitorial service, the Libraries reserve the right to charge a fee.

Media Screening Room (Coe 123) Reservation Form

Classroom Support

Equipment provided:

  • Crestron touch screen control system
  • Windows PC
  • DVD/Blu-ray player
  • Surround sound system
  • HD projector
  • Fixed screen

Note:  HDMI and VGA cables are connected to the control system for use with tablets, laptops, gaming systems, and other devices. Users of the media screening room are responsible for bringing their own devices and any necessary adapters. 

For tech support during business days and hours, contact Classroom Technology Support at or (307) 766-HELP