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WIND 4100: Global Disability Studies: International Research

Tips for International Research

Researching topics related to International topics can be complicated because of language barriers, search engine barriers, and search term problems. It is important to keep in mind these tips as you begin to do research on the countries you choose. 

  1. If there is a language barrier you can use the basic language translators to get a basic understanding of what a website is trying to say. 
  2. Contact academic professionals from a university in the country you choose to get their guidance on organizations, journals, or databases.
  3. You may need to get creative with search terms for international journals as they may use a different term to define an illness or disability. 
  4. Search newspapers databases as they can provide you a place to start identifying names and organizations.
  5. Search our databases for the country you have chosen. This will show you the different databases related to that specific country.
  6. Find Open Access materials and/or journals as they will be open for you to view without library permissions.
  7. Current newspapers can often be accessed via the website of local newspapers.