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Law School Success: Introduction

This guide features resources to help you succeed in law school.


This guide provides a selective overview of academic support resources available through the George W. Hopper Law Library and the University of Wyoming College of Law. You will find leads to information on exam taking, studying, time management, and technology.

UW Academic Support

Textbook Support

The law library makes available for checkout 2 copies of each required UW College of Law course textbook and one copy of each elective textbook.  Textbooks may be checked out for 3 hours from the law library circulation desk.  

In addition, some required and optional textbooks may be available through database subscriptions provided by the law library as ebooks.  Search our law library catalog to check for specific titles.

Websites about Succeeding in Law School


Many thanks to the Moritz Law Library at The Ohio State University for approved adoption of their LibGuide template.

Law School Success Lessons by CALI

Law School Academic Success Project

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), a non-profit consortium of mostly US law schools, has brought together members of the academic success community to create interactive lessons on succeeding in law school.  The lessons intend to develop students’ critical-thinking skills and prepare them to handle the unique demands of law school.

To determine which CALI lessons are best for your needs, click on A Good Place To Start ... Depends On Where You Are Beginning!   In this short lesson you will answer a series of questions to be matched with lessons within these categories.

  • Foundation - What Everyone Assumes I Know
  • Class Prep - Before, During, After  
  • Exams - Preparing and Attacking
  • Reflection - Maintain or Improve on Prior Performance
  • Bar Prep

CALI also provides Lawbooks to support your law school success, such as A First Generation's Guide to Law School, a source for first-gen students who are entering or are currently attending law school. It introduces students to law school vocabulary and available resources, gives guidance about how to prepare for the unique challenges of law school, and provides a roadmap for things like participating in class, studying for and taking exams, joining extracurriculars, taking care of your mental health, and networking. The guide includes interactive exercises that test the student's knowledge of concepts, encourages the student to reflect on their own interests and experiences, and explore resources in their law school and elsewhere.