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Mendeley: Overview

Mendeley is a reference manager and collaboration network that helps you manage, share, annotate, and cite your academic resources.

Mendeley Features

Mendeley is citation management software that lets you collect, organize, and cite references.  The private group feature allows you to connect with invited users to collectively manage and view references in a collection.

                Mendeley Web search page








The free Web Version includes the following tabs:

  • Search: Search for papers (in the Mendeley crowd-sourced catalog).
  • Library:  Add, view, or delete reference records; Organize references in folders and groups
  • Profile (your name): Edit your information and settings; Find Support

(Note: The free Web version comes with 2 GB of storage and allows for creation of up to five private groups of up to 25 members each. More storage capacity and expanded groups/members can be added by paying a monthly fee.)

The free Desktop Version library provides more functions for managing your references:Mendeley Desktop open window

  • Navigation (left panel): Select folders or groups of references
  • Reference lists (middle panel): View list of references in folder or group collection; Search your reference libraries; Filter by Author, Tags, Keywords, Publication; Select reference (to display details); Open PDFs in viewer and highlight and add comments
  • Reference details (right): View/edit information for selected reference; Lookup/add reference information from catalog IDs; Add file attachments (such as PDF); Add notes
  • Top Menus: Add/Manage/Edit References/Files/Folders/Groups; View citation and change citation style; Sync library with Web version; Check for duplicates; Install/Uninstall plugins for Word or LibreOffice; Create backup file; Set Options; Access Help Guides and Support

Disclaimer:  Software updates and changes can occur frequently.  Therefore, some screen shots or instructions on this library guide may not match exactly with the most recent versions of Mendeley.

Getting Started with Mendeley

Go to the Mendeley main page:

Sign up for an online account using the "Create a free account" button, and follow the set-up and download procedures to add Mendeley Desktop, a Web Importer, and a Citation Plug-in.

If you failed to download everything needed when creating your account, go to the Download Mendeley Desktop webpage:

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