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Data Sources: Quick Facts & Stats

A guide to finding data. While not exhaustive, this guide will get you started!

Getting Started

Take a moment to consider the difference between quick facts/statistics and data. Data can more or less be considered as raw and unprocessed. Statistics are created when data is interpreted and summarized. Are you looking for a statistic (like current price of crude oil) or a large dataset that you might take into a statistical program like STATA or SPSS?

On this page, you'll find good sources for general statistics and quick facts & figures.


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Facts & Stats: Starting Points

Data-Planet (UW Only)

A great first stop for almost any topic. In Data-Planet you will find economic, demographic, international, education, and more statistical datasets. And check out some of Data-Planet's excellent guides.

SimplyAnalytics (UW Only)

SimplyMap is a statistics and data tool with a map interface. Fantastic source for demographics, consumer information, business data, and market data. Create cool maps and visualizations.

Social Explorer (UW Only)

Social Explorer is another data tool with a map interface. Great source for US Census data tables. Social Explorer also has very nice visualization tools -you can even create a map based presentation.

U.S. Political Stats (UW Only)

Want to know which counties across the country voted Republican? Want to know the voting record of your congressional representatives? U.S. Political Stats is a great place for political information, and it has some handy visualization tools, too!

US Census QuickFacts

QuickFacts is a great place to start looking for population and demographic data for states, counties, cities, and towns with population over 5,000. For Census data on more varied geography (census tracts, zip codes), use SimplyMap, Social Explorer, or the American Factfinder. is a collaboration by the MIT Media Lab and Deliotte to visualize numerous US government sources of data. It is free and fun to browse through! Search by state, city, county, industry, occupations, or education. Check it out!


Statistical profiles of states, counties, & towns. Easy to use comparison tool.

ProQuest Statistical Insight

You never know what you'll find in Statistical Insight. The nice thing about PQ Stat Insight is that it aggregates data from many different sources from all kinds of different spheres. Always worth a try.

Public Opinion

iPoll (UW Only)

iPoll, by the Roper Center, is an archive of public opinion polls from many organizations such as Pew, PRRI, news organizations, and more. 

Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center conducts public opinion polls in the U.S. and globally. Here you can find public opinion statistics ranging from U.S. political opinions, elections, government approval, religion, immigration, and much more.