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Jennifer Mayer, Visual and Performing Arts Liaison: For Instructors

Learning Outcomes for Library Instruction

Potential Learning Outcomes for Library Instruction Sessions

I recommend a maximum of 3 outcomes per session.

  • Students will identify and articulate a research question.
  • Students will identify keywords that represent a research topic and use keywords to find useful information sources.
  • Students will identify databases and resources relevant to their major field of study.
  • Students will find known items via title or author on the web or in a database.
  • Students will observe scholarly communication conventions in a discipline.
  • Students will find information from appropriate resources.
  • Students will evaluate information sources for relevance, authority, perspective, currency.
  • Students will analyze a resource's arguments and research methods.
  • Students will cite and document sources appropriately for their discipline.
  • Students will use information ethically.
  • Students will articulate a research plan including a range of methods and strategies.