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Graduate Students' Guide to the Library: Keeping Current

Graduate students have specialized research needs. This guide will provide tips and tricks especially for graduate students, but we also recommend that you get to know your subject librarian for specialized help.

Keeping Track of New Research

It can be a real pain to try to keep track of all the new information being published in your field of study. RSS feeds can help you stay on top of things.

Users subscribe to RSS feeds using various services called "aggregators" or more simply "feed readers" which compile and organize your feeds together in a readable format. Otherwise the alternative would be going to each page every day to check on every single webpage. There are many feed readers (aggregators) to choose from. Feedly is a popular one.

RSS Feeds from Databases

You can set up databases to alert you by email you when a new article matches your search terms.  You can also set up an RSS feed so that you get notification of new articles matching your search in your feed reader.

RSS feed imageThis is the most commonly used icon to denote a feed.  After you search a database and have a results list, look for this RSS icon (or a link that says "Set up alerts") and click on it to add a new feed to your feed reader.