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Graduate Students' Guide to the Library: Publishing Your Research

Graduate students have specialized research needs. This guide will provide tips and tricks especially for graduate students, but we also recommend that you get to know your subject librarian for specialized help.

Uploading Your Thesis or Dissertation

The University of Wyoming has an agreement with ProQuest and UMI (University Manuscripts International) to publish dissertations and theses by UW graduate students. The following link will take you to the ProQuest site for the University of Wyoming:

You need to establish an account on this site. Thoroughly and carefully read the instructions for each page. Probably the biggest decision that you must make is whether to publish your work as open access or in the traditional manner. You must make decisions on which specific subject areas you want your research cataloged under, as well as which keywords/search terms you want associated with your research. You must also provide payment at the time of uploading if you have selected any options that require payment.

Properly formatted uploading of your document is critical to ensure timely publication. Take the time to ensure the format for page numbering, front matter, back matter, and chapters is correct. If you have questions, refer to the help documents provided on the website. Your department and/or adviser is another source of help and information.