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ECOL 5620 and PATB 5120: Conservation Genomics

This guide provides library research support for Dr. Holly Ernest's courses in Wildlife Genomics and Disease Ecology at the University of Wyoming

Conservation Genomics books and journals recommended by Dr. Ernest

The following journal content and books are free to you online if you are on campus or logged in via UW off-campus access.  If the link for the book title takes you to the UW Libraries catalog, then continue by clicking on the blue "VIEW FULL TEXT" bar on that same page.


Population Genomics: Wildlife. 2020 (also listed as 2021). Editors: Hohenlohe and Rajora. Springer.

Population Genomics: Concepts, Approaches and Applications. 2019. Editor: Om Rajora. Springer

Paleogenomics. Lindqvist and Rajora. 2019. Springer.

Population Genomics: Marine Organisms. Oleksiak and Rajora. 2019. Springer

Strange Natures: Conservation in the Era of Synthetic Biology. 2021. Redford and Adams. Yale Univ. Press.



Conservation Genetics 

Molecular Ecology   



Click HERE for a listing of additional books Dr. Ernest has placed on reserve for you at Coe Library.  Note that you will need to physically go to the Help Desk at Coe Library in order to view these books, as they are not available online!  The Help Desk is located on the main level of Coe Library, just to the left of the large open circle in the floor.

Instructions for accessing books

All books are available electronically, and can be accessed by:

1.  clicking on their hyperlinked titles (in blue)

2.  then clicking on the green "VIEW FULL TEXT" box on the subsequent page

3.  then logging on with your UW user-id and password (same as your UW email account)