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Military and Aerospace Science: Books, Journals, & Magazines

This guide will help you locate library information about military science and aerospace science. It is primarily a guide for students and faculty in the Army and Air Force ROTC programs..

Finding Books in the Library Stacks

The assigned call numbers in the Library of Congress (LC) system used at UW are "U" for Military Science and "V" for Naval Science. Other call numbers such as "D" (World History), "E" (History of the Americas), "J" (Political Science), and "TL" (Aeronautics) also contain related texts. Level 1 of Coe holds the D and E call numbers, Level 3 the J call numbers, and Level 5 the U and V call numbers.

Call Number Subject
U Military Science (general)
UA Armies : organization, distribution, military situation
UB Military administration
UB 416 - 419 Minorities, women, etc. in armed forces
UC Maintenance and transportation
UD Infantry
UE Cavalry. Armor
UF Artillery
UG Military engineering. Air forces
UH Other services
V Naval science (general)
VA Navies : organization, distribution, naval situation
VB Naval administration
VC Naval maintenance
VD Naval seamen
VE Marines
VF Naval ordnance
VG Minor service of navies
VK Navigation. Merchant marine
VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering