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Successful Summer Strategies: Research in the Real World: County and Local Law Research

Research in the Real World Starts Here. Use this guide to orient yourself to the world and research environment.

Internet Links Wyoming County and City Information

General Tips

Local government law may consist of either county or city materials. The law for such entities may consist of:

  • A charter, which is the basic document establishing the entity's powers to legislate;
  • Ordinances, which are legislative enactments passed by a city council or board of county commissioners or supervisors;
  • Codes, which are codifications (subject arrangements) of ordinances currently in force.

Wyoming statutes regulate some general laws that govern all municipalities and counties.

Most Wyoming county regulations deal with land use.  These can be difficult to locate. Contact the County Commissioner for more information or visit with the county or city clerk's office about how to research the law for a particular local government.