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American Heritage Center, Railroads Subject Guide: AHC Digital Exhibits and Blog

AHC Digital Exhibits

Hell on Wheels: Union Pacific Towns in Wyoming: While some southern Wyoming Union Pacific railroad towns existed for only a matter of months then became ghost towns, others prospered and became permanent communities. All of these “Hell on Wheels” towns contributed to the construction of the engineering marvel which was the transcontinental railroad.

A History of Laramie Through its Maps: This exhibit features 10 large maps of Laramie from 1875 to 1965, and one large Albany County map from 1886. Each map includes a brief description of the growth of Laramie and highlights features on the map, including businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, and street names. The Albany County Map shows a much larger county that, at the time, extended north to present-day Crook County.



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