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American Heritage Center, Railroads Subject Guide: Collections T-Z

Archival Collections

Sam Albert Thompson papers, 1904-1974.

.10 cubic ft. (1 envelope)

Collection 06781                         

Inventory for collection

Sam Albert Thompson and his son Thomas Albert Thompson were involved in tie cutting and the lumber industry in southeastern Wyoming between 1900 and 1937.

The Sam Albert Thompson papers contain photographs, two 8 mm film reels, and a 16 mm film reel. The photographs identify activities of the Carbon Timber Company, Keystone Mine and Stamp Mill, various members of the Thompson family and other individuals engaged in tie cutting and other activities in southeastern Wyoming between 1900 and 1937. The film reels are identified as 1) Tie Drive 2) Snowy Range 3) Depicting the actual tie drive in Medicine Bow National Forest, early 1900s, presumably on the North Fork Creek, West of Laramie.

Mamie Thompson Tyvold papers, 1870-1910.

.60 cubic ft. (3 boxes) + artifact.

Collection 00855                         

Inventory for collection

Mamie Thompson Tyvold was a longtime resident of Laramie, Wyoming who graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1893. Her father was Ole Thompson, a pioneer resident of Laramie and an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad. Her husband, Lewis Tyvold (1865-1937), was owner of Gem City Grocery in Laramie and vice-president of Albany National Bank in Laramie. The bulk of this collection consists of photographs and stereo slides of the University of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain railroads, and early Laramie, Wyoming (1870-1910). There is also an autograph book, the personal scrapbook of the Tyvold family.            

Union Pacific Coal Company maps, 1890-1950.

226 cubic ft. (112 boxes) + electronic media.

Collection 05746                         

Inventory for collection

The Union Pacific Coal Company was a subsidiary of the Union Pacific Railroad Company. The coal company was formed in 1890, replacing the earlier Union Pacific Coal Department (created in 1874). Most of the coal was extracted from mines in the Rock Springs, Wyoming, area.

Contains maps of Union Pacific Coal Company mines near Rock Springs and elsewhere in Wyoming. Also included are some photographs and business records, as well as digital files.

Union Pacific Historical Society collection, 1870-2012.

317.88 cubic ft. (303 boxes) + 42.82 GB.

Collection 10713                         

Inventory for collection

The Union Pacific Historical Society was founded September 1, 1984 in Denver, Colorado to collect, organize, distribute, and publish information relating to the operation and equipment of the Union Pacific Railroad. It was an independent non-profit organization that preserved the history of the Union Pacific Railroad from it's beginning in 1862 to the present time. The society was not supported by, or affiliated with the Union Pacific Railroad other than the preservation of its history.

Contains digitized images of Union Pacific diagrams and drawings of steam locomotives; issues of "Info"  magazine (1971-2000), a monthly publication distributed to Union Pacific employees; Union Pacific publications for training, rules, policies, and regulations; newsletters, diagrams and drawings, track charts, timetables, and reports; photographs, slides, and negatives of trains; books about the   Union Pacific; and a Union Pacific Railroad collection created by Lou Schmitz that contains subject files, diagrams and drawings, Union Pacific railroad publications, engineer books and notes, forms, maps, directories and guides, condensed profiles, and photographs and slides.

University of Wyoming. Department of History 'Laramie, A Railroad Community" oral history project, 1990. 

1.0 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 300020

Inventory for collection

"Laramie, A Railroad Community" oral history project was conducted and completed by the University of Wyoming Department of History in 1990. It involved interviewing eighteen residents of Laramie, Wyoming, who worked for the Union Pacific Railroad during the twentieth century. Includes audio cassette tapes, transcripts, interview logs, questionnaires, etc. 

Wallis Family papers, 1841-1952.

6.3 cubic ft. (7 boxes)

Collection 010836                        

Inventory for collection

Noah Wallis was born in 1842. Jane Wallis was born in 1841. The couple came to Laramie in the late 1870s. Noah Wallis's businesses included a furniture store in downtown Laramie in the 1890s. The Wallis Ranch was homesteaded around 1886 on the north end of Sheep Mountain.

Contains negatives from circa 1879 to 1949. Included are images the construction of the second Dale Creek Bridge on the Union Pacific Railroad circa 1879, among many other topics.

Paul M. Weyrich papers, 1968-2002.

85.58 cubic ft. (91 boxes)

Collection 10138

Inventory for collection

Paul Weyrich was born on October 7, 1942, in Racine, Wisconsin. He was involved in politics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became one of the most influential conservatives in America.  Weyrich was also a reporter, radio and television director, and writer. 

Contains a wide variety of materials reflecting his work as a conservative lobbyist and advocate during the 1970s to the present. There are also National Railroad Passenger Corporation, or AMTRAK, meeting agendas when Weyrich served on the Board of Directors, and railway publications, among many other items.                         

Rogers E. M. Whitaker papers, 1878-1981.

121.85 cubic ft. (217 boxes)

Collection 07800                         

Inventory for collection

Rogers E.M. Whitaker (1900-1981) worked as editor and writer for "The New Yorker" and was also a railroad enthusiast. He started working for "The New Yorker" in 1926 as proofreader and copy editor and went on to write in the "Talk of the Town" section as E.M. Frimbo, the World's Greatest Railroad Buff. He wrote under his pen name the book "All Aboard with E.M. Frimbo" about his experience in riding railroads around the world in 1974. Whitaker logged over 2.7 million miles worth of travel on                trains. 

Contains mostly related to Whitaker's interest in railroads and also his work in journalism.    

Railroad material includes booklets, guides, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, rail passes, tickets, tokens, advertisements, uniform accessories, dining menus and timetables for railroads, steam locomotives and streetcars world-wide in numerous languages (1881-1980); the manuscript for "All Aboard with E.M. Frimbo"; and photographs and negatives of Whitaker, railroads, and trolleys (1903-1980). Railroad material also includes 1 photograph album on trains; maps of railroad routes around the world (1909-1979); 2 scrapbooks of railroad tickets and passes (1878-1960); 8 33 1/3 rpm phonograph records on trains and locomotives; foreign and U.S. railway posters; 15 audio cassette tapes of interviews of Whitaker while traveling by train; and travel journals kept on rail journeys (1943-1975).

William H. Wroten papers, 1859-1957.

2.70 cubic ft. (6 boxes)

Collection 03115                         

Inventory for collection

William H. Wroten, Jr., studied the railroad tie industry (1867 to 1900) in the Central Rocky Mountain region and wrote his dissertation in 1956 on this industry while a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He later became professor and chair of the History Department at Salisbury State College   University (now Salisbury University) in Salisbury, Maryland.

The collection contains contracts between tie companies and railroads (1884-1893); correspondence on ties (1949-1956); magazine and newspaper articles (1938-1955); manuscripts on railroads, ties, timber, etc. (1869-1955); maps; notecards- sources (1860-1950); notecards-subjects (1865-1926); photographs of the tie industry; photostats of correspondence (1894-1899); publications: "Forestry," "Land Office," "National Forests," etc. (1923-1957).

C.D. Williamson papers, 1892-1957.

10.2 cubic ft. (16 boxes)

Collection 00147

Inventory for collection

Carlyle Dougan Williamson (1886-1959) was born in Leadville, Colorado, and became a cashier at Carbon State Bank in Hanna, Wyoming in 1909 and later was president from 1930 to 1955. In 1916 Williamson became affiliated with P.J. Quealy, the receiver of the Carbon Timber Company which conducted logging and tie cutting operations in Carbon and Albany Counties, Wyoming, and was often Wyoming's sole producer of ties for the Union Pacific Railroad. Williamson and Quealy reorganized the company into the Wyoming Timber Company, with Williamson serving as president. The company also held interest in the Wyoming Timber Lands Company and the Megeath Coal Company, both of Hanna, Wyoming.

Contains the business records of the companies that Williamson worked for, with a small amount of personal material from 1892 to 1957. The collection includes biographical material, records of businesses including the Carbon Timber Company and the Wyoming Timber, among others.  

W.E. Zipfel papers, 1900-1955.

.9 cubic ft. (3 containers)

Collection 00357                         

Inventory for collection

Walter E. Zipfel (1876-1956) was an engineer for the municipality of Laramie, Wyoming. Born in England, he immigrated to the United States in 1889. His work as an engineer included railroad, irrigation, and telephone lines.

Contains maps and plats of railroad, river drainage, and telephone lines plotted by Walter E. Zipfel and others. Included are plans of the Union Pacific and Laramie, Hahn's Peak, and Pacific Railroads; information on Laramie and Centennial, Wyoming; and manuscripts by Zipfel on water use and irrigation. Also included are photographs of Union Pacific oil production between Coalmont (Colo.) and Laramie, and of the Laramie, Wyoming, area.

Collection Highlights

Image: Union Pacific steam locomotive #8444. From UPHS Notes: "snow"

University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center, Union Pacific Historical Society collection, Accession Number 10713, Box 252 and Digital Folder ahcdm_10713_012. 

Resource Identifier: ah10713_000258


Collection: Union Pacific Historical Society collection