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American Heritage Center, Railroads Subject Guide: Collections A-E

Archival Collections

Clyde T. Alford scrapbook, 1945-1952

.38 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 12739                         

Inventory for collection

Clyde T. Alford was born in Missouri in 1898 and moved to Colorado with his parents at an early age. He started with Union Pacific Railroad in 1916 as a brakeman, working his way up to conductor, train-master and to assistant superintendent in 1945. His entire time with Union Pacific was spent in Colorado, except during World War II, when he was stationed in Green River, Wyoming. He retired in 1959. Contains a scrapbook of photographs and newspaper clippings related to Alford's time with the Union Pacific from 1945-1952.

Edd H. Bailey papers, 1962-1980.

1.55 cubic ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 07888                         

Inventory for collection

Edd H. Bailey was president of the Union Pacific Railroad, 1965-1971. His first job with the UP was in the car repair shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1922. He became superintendent of the Nebraska and Wyoming Division in 1945 and vice president in charge of operations in 1957. Contains speeches and writings of Edd H. Bailey, a scrapbook documenting his life, photographs, and other items.

Hiram Gilbert Bond papers, 1875-1906.

.45 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 09954                         

Inventory for collection

Bond, a lawyer, broker, and entrepreneur, was originally from New York and moved to Denver in 1870. He engaged in businesses all over the United States and Canada, including mining, railroads and banking. Among many other accomplishments and interests, Bond started a company in the 1880s which made electric engines for locomotives.  

Contains Bond's diaries and memorandum books from the time period after he moved west, in which he recorded notes concerning his various business ventures.

R. C. Bonney papers, 1917-1922.

.45 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 09950                         

Inventory for collection

Bonney, of Marshall, Colorado, served as a local chairman of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers of the Colorado and Southern Railway. Contains Bonney's correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters, reports and other materials of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers.

Benjamin Emmons Brewster autobiographical manuscript, ca. 1925-1949.

.25 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 11708                         

Inventory for collection

Benjamin Emmons Brewster (1851-1935) was a railroad surveyor in the western United States during the 1870s.  Contains a manuscript written by Brewster about his life up to 1894;  a typescript of the manuscript and some notes, including  genealogical information. Subjects include: Railroad construction workers -- United States -- 19th century and  Surveyors -- United States -- 19th century.

Richard Stevens Burington papers, 1882-1981 (bulk 1925-1970).

33.30 cubic ft. (74 boxes)

Collection 07751                         

Inventory for collection

Burington was a professor of mathematics at Case School of Applied Sciences (now Case Western Reserve University) and Ohio State University between 1926-1941. He became a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance in 1941, and in 1946 was named its chief mathematician. In 1959, Burington became chief mathematician of the Bureau of Naval Weapons and in 1966 was named the chief mathematician of the Naval Air Systems Command.

Contains subject files of notes, correspondence, reports, documents, reprints, and other materials; manuscripts of mathematical papers; notebooks; correspondence; speeches; reports; reprints; printed materials related to mathematics and his Naval work; his dissertation; timetables and travel brochures, chiefly from various railroads; and miscellaneous other materials.

John Stephen and Frances Jennings Casement Papers, 1837-1928 (bulk 1861-1869)

.95 cubic ft. (4 containers)

Collection 00308                         

Inventory for collection

John S. Casement (1829-1909) was born in New York and came to Ohio in 1850 to work as a railroad construction foreman. He met Frances Jennings (1840-1928) while working near Painesville, Ohio, and they were married in 1857. After service in the Civil War, Casement, along with his brother Daniel, obtained a contract to perform tracklaying and grading for the Union Pacific's transcontinental line. The work lasted from 1866 to 1869. John Casement was later involved in a number of other business ventures.

Contains correspondence between the couple during and after the Civil War, including the time J.S. Casement and his brother, Daniel, were constructing the Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha, Nebraska, to Promontory Point, Utah. Frances tells of home life, family, and friends. J.S. Casement writes of his difficulties in obtaining supplies and gives his opinion of business associates. There are also business records, petitions relating to the creation of Wyoming Territory, and printed materials.

Samuel H. Chittenden papers, 1868, 1874, 1983-1985.

1 collection envelope.

Collection 10736                         

Inventory for collection

Samuel H. Chittenden was employed as a survey engineer during the construction of the Union Pacific transcontinental rail line in 1868. During this time, he wrote many letters to his family in East River, Connecticut, describing his life and conditions and events in the construction camps.

Contains two original letters from Chittenden, one written from Fort Sanders, Wyoming (near present-day Laramie), on March 2, 1868; and one from Bear River City, Wyoming (near present-day Evanston) on November 22, 1868, which mentions events of the Bear River City riot of November 19. Also included are photocopies of pages from an article in the journal "La Posta, A Journal of Western Postal History" (1983-1985) in which further letters from the same series and background information are published. A third original letter was written by Nathan O. Doolittle from Laramie, Wyoming Territory, to Samuel Chittenden in 1874, describing Doolittle's work for the railroad. Also included is a note to Chittenden from another friend.

Colorado Railroads materials, 1873-1941 (bulk 1873-1912).

1.21 cubic ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 12587                         

Inventory for collection

This collection contains business correspondence and legal records of several railroad companies that operated primarily in Colorado. Companies represented include Colorado Central Railroad; Denver and New Orleans Railroad; Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad; Colorado Midland Railway Company; Midland Terminal Railroad Company; and others.

Cordiner Drug Store records, 1908-1950.

43.25 cubic ft. (52 boxes)

Collection 09615                         

Inventory for collection

Cordiner Drug Store was a drugstore located in Laramie, Wyoming during the first half of the twentieth century. It was founded by A.H. Cordiner, who held one of Wyoming's earliest pharmacy licenses. A.H. Cordiner later purchased Eggleston Drug Company and renamed it Cordiner Drug Store in 1920. A.H. Cordiner and his son Hamilton Cordiner operated the store until the 1950s.     

Contains the business records of Cordiner Drug Store and Eggleston Drug Company, which consist of prescription orders from Laramie doctors, and the Union Pacific Railroad Hospital Department, correspondence, and financial records.

Daniel H. Davis railroad collection, 1901-1969.

1.22 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 12628                         

Inventory for collection

Daniel Davis was a collector of Snowy Range and Laramie area railroads including the Union Pacific and Laramie, North Park, and Western Railroads. Contains Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) drawings of the  Laramie, Wyoming rail yards, roundhouse, and drawings of the Laramie, North Park and Western Railroad (LNP & W) line.

Paul Victor De Ford railroad collection, 1940-1978.

2 cubic ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 08522                         

Inventory for collection

Timetables, brochures, travel guides, maps and other railroad memorabilia; photographs of trains; and a historical manuscript on the Southern Pacific Railroad written by this railroad enthusiast.

Harry P. Dodge railroad films and slides, 1957-1980.

19.03 cubic ft. (22 boxes)

Collection 12751                          

Inventory for collection

Harry P. Dodge was a train and railroad enthusiast who filmed and photographed trains around the world. Contains color slides, motion picture film, and scrapbooks of train engines and railroads in the United States and around the world.

James L. Ehernberger western railroad collection, 1849-2016.

585.44 cubic ft. (1060 boxes)

Collection 10674                         

Inventory for collection

James L. Ehernberger was a dispatcher for the Union Pacific Railroad and a published historian of railroad history in the western United States. He collected railroad records and related historical material as well as negatives, photographs, maps, schedules, and materials documenting railroad history in the West. He had a special interest in the steam engine and its history in the West. He was active in the Union Pacific Historical Society and other railroad enthusiast clubs. His histories include: "Sherman Hill, Union Pacific" (1973), "Smoke Over the Divide: Union Pacific, Wyoming Division" (1965), and "Union Pacific Depot: An Elegant Legacy to Cheyenne" (2001).

The James L. Ehernberger collection documents railroad and other transportation history primarily in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region, with the most extensive record set covering the Union Pacific Railroad Company. The collection contains construction plans and blueprints cover many aspects of railroad construction including viaducts, bridges, plumbing and electrical plans, service and passenger facilities, access roads and overpasses, etc. Union Pacific documentation files include financial records, safety records, accident and damage reports, track and equipment, and a wide range of technical data. Multi-state train schedules through 1998 are available. Union Pacific property records, labor relations, employee relations, dispatcher records, lading accounts, daily records, and inspection reports are included. The collection also contains extensive maps (topographical, plat, rail charts, etc.) with detailed inventory, covering multiple western states with focus on Wyoming. In addition to the Union Pacific Railroad Company, the collection contains records from many other railroad companies, including Burlington Northern; Colorado & Southern; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy. Railroad histories and newspaper articles about various western railroads are included as well as photographs, negatives, microfilm, records of the Union Pacific Old Timers Club, and railroad transportation files for numerous western states and cities. Some of the 19th century records and some 20th century legal documents for the Union Pacific are copies of the originals. Collection also includes Ehernberger's Wyoming postcard collection.

Leonard H. Eicholtz diaries 1852-1910.

1.35 cubic ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 00238                         

Inventory for collection

Eicholtz was a railroad construction engineer born in 1827 in Pennsylvania. He worked with the corps of engineers of the Pennsylvania Railroad from 1852 until 1854 when he started work with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Company. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Eicholtz entered government service as an assistant engineer with the construction corps of United States Military Railroads. The corps worked to build rail lines from Tennessee to Georgia. When Eicholtz left the service in               1866 he had achieved the rank of Colonel and the position of chief engineer of the U.S. Military Railroads.

Consists of Eicholtz's diaries for the years 1852, 1855-1860, 1862, 1864-1870, 1872-1874, and 1878-1910, which record his daily activities as a railroad construction engineer. There is also an 1893 diary of Elizabeth C. Eicholtz, and handwritten transcripts of some of the diaries.

M.W. Ensign papers, 1887-1893.

.10 cubic ft. (1 box)

Collection 11724                         

Inventory for collection

M.W. Ensign (William M. Ensign) was a locating engineer for the Burlington & Missouri Railroad, a subsidiary of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (often referred to as the CB&Q).  He conducted surveys for the railroad in the Midwest and Rocky Mountains including Wyoming. Contains Ensign's original survey reports for the Burlington & Missouri Railroad to locate suitable lines through Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.

Collection Highlights

Image: Black and white photograph of Jack Casement walking alongside work train.

University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center, Casement, John (Jack) Stephen photograph file, Negative number 22068


Collection: John Stephen and Frances Jennings Casement Papers, 1837-1928 (bulk 1861-1869)