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ENGL 2025: Intro to English Studies: Books

This is the course guide for ENGl 2025 Intro to English Studies

Language & Literature call numbers

Languages and literatures collections are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Coe Library. 

Call number map.

Level 3

PA 1-8595: Classical languages and literatures

PL 1-8844: Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PN 1-6720: Literary history and collections (General)

PN 1600-3300: Drama

PQ 1-9999: Romance literatures

Level 4

PR 1-9680: English literature

PS 1-3565: American literature

PT 1-9999: Germanic literature

More detailed Library of Congress call number information (PDF)

Subject Headings Are Your Friends

Library catalogs use subject headings to classify materials by what the item is mostly about. Once you get the hang of how subject headings work, they will help you find relevant materials quickly. I find author main entries a really good subject search to start with for literature research.

Main entries for authors include last name, first name, year of birth, and year of death (if deceased). You can also search using character names from the works you are studying, or something as simple as "tragedy." As you can see from the examples below, subject headings often have one or more subdivisions that classify more narrowly focused materials.

Othello Fictitious Character

Othello Fictitious Character Drama

Othello Fictitious Character From Shakespeare


Tragedy Early Works to 1800

In the library catalog, you can select subject search and enter just LASTNAME FIRSTNAME and find a list of all the available subject headings related to the main entry, each of which will help you quickly find the relevant materials. 

Search QuickSearch Scopes

UW Libraries QuickSearch: includes the collections of the University Libraries, UW Law Library, and the American Heritage Center. Searches almost everything.

Use this QuickSearch link to search Books, E-Books & Media.

Lastly, use this QuickSearch link to search Course Reserves.

Interlibrary Loan: UW students, faculty and staff can request books, journal volumes, journal articles and other materials, regardless of whether it is available in the UW Libraries, online or in libraries around the world. A free service! Interlibrary Loan link.